Plans for Arctic Love

WIP: Northern Lights
August 8, 2016
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August 10, 2016
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Plans for Arctic Love

I’ve finally started on the rewrite of NORTHERN LIGHTS, and let me tell you, while Varg and Jonathan won’t have that many changes to their story, everything else will change. That includes the series title – as I’m merging the old Seasonal Love series to this series, and not everything takes place in the Arctic anymore.

I don’t know what to have for a series title yet though. I already commissioned a cover, but as I took the series title away from my SOULS novels, I also decided that it didn’t need to be on these covers. The fact that the font and whatever will be the same should be enough.

Varg and Jonathan will be the main couple of this series. They will have three books (so far): Northern Lights (which I’m rewriting), Northern Skies (which will be mostly the same, except to change it to fit with the new direction of the series), and Northern Nights (this is Black Sun retitled, also will stay mostly the same except for changing it to fit all the other changes).

Andreas and Christian will still end up together, but they’re currently not together. I’m also thinking of changing Andreas’ name, since I already have an Andreas in the More series. I’m dithering between either André or Matthias, not quite sure if any of them fit yet.

Now lets get to the big changes. Lasse and Marko will have a book, but everything will be different. Armas will also have his own character study book (rewrite of Sakura Kiss), but he won’t end up with Takeo. Same goes for Radimir, he’ll also have his own character study book (rewrite of White Nights), but he won’t end up with Aleksandr in the end. They’ll be “failed” romances, and thus likely available for free or $0.99 (at least on Amazon, as they don’t allow free).

Who do they end up with though? I’m not saying!

Frey and Jørgen won’t get together either. Jørgen won’t even be around! I’m getting rid of him, as I already have a Jørgen in the More series. Frey will find himself someone else. Sander will have a character study book (rewrite of Moscow Nights), but that romance won’t work out either. He’ll find himself a new beau eventually.

Lots and LOTS of changes to come, but right now I’m only focusing on Varg and Jonathan’s books. I love writing those two. They are one of my favourite couples to write ever. I’ll get back with more news later. Now I’m back to write some more before I have to go to the EDJ.