Protection goes on a blog tour

Protection blog tourProtection has been released, and with it being my first self-published title, I’m a lot more nervous this time around than when I’ve got books releasing from publishers. Publishers thought my book was good enough to contract, so I’ve got that vilification. When self-publishing no one accepted my book. Only I deemed it good enough, and I’m so nervous I was wrong. Still, I am proud of my book, and this week it’s going on tour.

I know I’m not good at marketing, so in my attempt to try and get better, I paid Pride Promotions to set up my blog tour for me. You can buy different packages there, to whatever need you’ve got and you can choose how many stops and such you want. It’s quite neat. Since Protection is only a novella, I didn’t do many stops. If I’d done this for a novel, I definitely would’ve gone bigger. But there’s only so much you can write about about a novella.

We’ll see if marketing helps, because if it does, I need to work out a marketing plan. Should’ve done that ages ago. But I just set up my business plan, but skipped the marketing part because I have no clue. Time to start researching!

So anyway, here are the stops for the tour:

27-Jul BFD Book Blog
28-Jul Love Bytes
29-Jul Mikky’s World of Books
29-Jul Inked Rainbow Reads
30-Jul Molly Lolly
31-Jul Bayou Book Junkie
31-Jul Bike Book Reviews
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