Release dates have changed!

MoreThanWords1I have changed the release dates on all three MORE novels available for pre-order! They’ll now be available sooner than originally planned, because I’m impatient and because I’ve got all the files ready for them.

MORE THAN WORDS will be available tomorrow!

MORE THAN ANYTHING will release on June 22nd!

MORE THAN WORDS 2: LOUDER THAN WORDS will be available on July 1st! A whole fifteen days before the original release date.

How neat is this, huh? If I hadn’t been such an impatient person I would’ve let the release dates stand as they were, but I am impatient, so this is what happens!

I’m waiting for edits for MORE THAN ANYTHING 2: ANYTHING FOR HIM, and once I’ve got those back I’ll immediately put it up for pre-order. And it’ll be released long before July 30, which was my plan. Or so I hope!

I’m also waiting for edits on MORE THAN ENOUGH, a brand new book in the MORE series. Not only that, but I have another novel finished and a novella that’s almost done. So lots are happening with this series, and I’m so excited to share it all with you.

Did you know the series has its own website? No? Go HERE to check it out! It’ll be updated with new stuff quite regularly.

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