Rights returning soon!

MoreThanAnythingI’m getting rights back to all my books at the end of May, and you know what that mean? It means they’re all now on sale! So jump on over to LT3’s book market to check them out.

All the books are 40% off until the end of May. This means that my novels are only available for $4.19! This includes More Than Anything, More Than Words, and Scarred Souls. Inked Souls is available for $2.99.

My novellas are available for only $1.79! This includes Polar Nights, Northern Lights, Midnight Sun, White Nights, Winter Love, Sakura Kiss, Moscow Nights, and Desert Fire.

M02MoreThanWordsSo now what happens? 

I’m going completely indie, that’s what! I’ll self-publish MTA, MTW, SS, and IS pretty quickly. During June-September, is the plan. The Arctic Love series is due for a rewrite, and I’ll redo the Seasonal Love series as well. The plan is to make these into only one series: but it’ll be very different. I’ll get back to this later, because right now I’m working on the More and Souls series. I reckon that for the rest of the year, these two will be my primary focus.

In fact, I’ll get back with more information about all of this in a later blog post. For now, I’m going to leave you with this. If you want the first editions of the books, with the covers they have now, go buy them before the end of the month! They’ll be gone after. And then they will, eventually, be republished with different covers. Some will also be entirely redone.

SSScarredSoulsSS02InkedSoulsALPolarNightsALNorthernLightsALMidnightSunALWhiteNightsSLWinterLoveSLSakuraKissSL03MoscowNightsDesert Fire

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