Self-made cover art: Arctic Love

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May 26, 2014
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June 1, 2014
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Self-made cover art: Arctic Love

polar-nights-web Years ago I made some covers. (Okay, not that long ago, maybe back in 2009-2011 somewhere.) This was before I was published, back when I put my stories up on Fictionpress and Aarinfantasy for people to read for free. Back when I’d just started buying published m/m books.

I started by buying books from Totally Bound when they were still Total-E-Bound. I loved their covers and wanted to try my hand at making similar covers for my own stories. (Now I’m more partial to covers that doesn’t show half-naked torsos, but this wasn’t the case back then.)

The first covers I made was for my Arctic Love series (back then only known as the Svalbard stories). I’d written six books in that series by the time, but the last two were in the POV of the couples from the first two books, so their covers were the same, only the images were reversed. I guess I lost inspiration or something after the first four, or I didn’t have any other good pictures that matched the men.

I’m very happy with the picture of Longyearbyen at the bottom of every cover, as well as the font and placement of it. As for the cover models, I like Northern Lights the most, because they’re the most alike how I picture Jonathan and Varg. I also like the cover for White Nights, because of the ship in the background.

What do you think about the covers? These were, as mentioned, some of the first ones I did, and with that in consideration I’m quite happy with them.

northern-lights-web midnight-sun-web white-nights-web