So what’s new?

Everything, basically!

Lots of new books, for one thing. I wrote novels! And it turned into a series. That’s More Than Anything. One series has disappeared because I rewrote it into something else entirely and thus it was published under a different series name. That’s Scarred Souls. They’re also novels, believe it or not! A few years ago I said I couldn’t write long, but that’s changed now. Sometimes I still struggle, but other times it’s the complete opposite: I struggle to stay short enough!

I’ve dabbled in self-publishing. I self-published The Huntress (f/f fantasy) once the anthology it was part of went out of print. I published a stand-alone novella, Protection, and a novella in the MTA series, No Right Words. I self-published two novellas and one short story in my Arctic Love series, Northern Skies, Dangerous Wilds, and Black Sun.

I set up my own little “publisher” website, Arctic Circle Press. Link’s in the sidebar to the left! I don’t sell directly from the site because of the new tax laws or whatever they’re called (I tried to read up on it, but only got a headache in return), but I like having my self-pubbed books listed there. Maybe I’ll take the site further in the future, who knows.

I’ve also started writing books in only first person POV since the last time I’ve posted on this blog. Then I was adamant I could only write in third person POV. Now I don’t like that one anymore. I don’t like writing it, I should say, because I can read it fine. I wrote the new books in the Arctic Love series in first person POV, and will also rewrite the first four books when I get my right backs.

In everyday life, I’ve got two dogs. Two Spanish rescue dogs. One’s a mixed breed (no idea what she’s a mix of!) of about 8kg, and the new one’s a Spanish Galgo of about 21kg. I finished a bachelor’s degree in English language and literature, but am currently stuck in my hometown working retail. The job market’s shit right now, but I am looking for a new job.

And I’m writing. I’m back to it again, after months away from it. That was the depression, which also kept me away from the internet at large. But I’m back, I’m writing again, and decided to start blogging again. I need to finish books and get them edited so I can publish again too! That’s the most important thing of all. The writing, that is. I don’t function well when I’m not able to write, so being back to it makes me a lot happier.

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