Souls of London

Dark, gritty, real

Recommended reading order

Some of the books can be read as standalone, but it is highly suggested you read them in order as the series follows a continuous timeline.

Scarred Souls
Inked Souls
Broken Souls
Flawed Souls
Loved Souls
Wounded Souls
Lost Souls
Bruised Souls

More details

Scarred Souls, Loved Souls and Wounded Souls follows Josh and Damian as they navigate their relationship and mental illness struggles.
Inked Souls follows Kian and his newfound relationship with Silver. This takes place concurrently with Scarred Souls and you can find more adult content at this website.
Broken Souls and Flawed Souls follows Chad as he struggled with his mental health, as well as his relationship with Dion and Jeremy.
Lost Souls follows Matt, Damian’s younger cousin and his budding relationship with Caesar.
Bruised Souls follows Kasey, Kian’s younger brother, and his newfound relationship with Wynn.