Starting over

Starting over

Welcome to my new author website!

I’m starting over in the website department. All my old sites (except my publisher site, which is still active and will continue to be) had to be deleted because one or some of them were infected by malware. So that really sucked, but at least they didn’t have to delete my publisher site, which was the only one I used at the time. 

It’s taken me a while, but I’m finally ready to start a new author site for myself. Arctic Circle Press is still the place to find out everything about my books, and it will have new posts on it from time to time, but this is the site for my blog. Here I’ll post things that don’t fit in on my publisher site.

Since all my sites were deleted, I had to build a new site from scratch. New theme, new logos, new branding. In some cases, maybe that’s good. But I also had some really awesome builds on those old sites I would’ve liked to access in the creation of this site. But no use crying over spilt (plant) milk (or however that saying goes). I’m moving forward and I am quite excited about this site!

This won’t be a site all about me and my books though. I want to blog about topics that can be of help to other authors who are indie-publishers like myself, as well as have tips and tricks on various subjects from self-publishing to writing to budgeting. All the things I’m passionate about.

I hope you’ll continue following me – or follow me anew, since this is a brand new site and all. I’m excited to get started!


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