Summer Fever: Release Date

SummerFeverORIG_final_v02Summer Fever has got a release date and it’s not very far off! It’ll be available on September 10th, 2014, and it’s already on the Dreamspinner Press’ Coming Soon page. You can see it here and preorder it for $3.99!

Basking in the long summer days, Axel hikes away from his worries through Norway’s idyllic mountain passes. He’s so at ease that he slips off his clothes and bathes in the cool lake water with no fear of being called out for his bright red hair or body full of freckles. Life is grand.

Peace and quiet doesn’t come easy for mystery writer Folke. When he stumbles across his copper-haired muse naked in a mountain oasis, plans for his future novel are long forgotten in favor of love. Nature takes a bite out of the serenity the two find, and the real world encroaches, making the happy couple wonder if they didn’t just suffer a summer fever.

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