Sunday Status

On writing

The weekly word count continues to go down. This week I’ve only written 5.8K. Been writing for only 6 hours. Working in this job does not bode well for my writing. Being back in hometown at my mother’s place for the month does not agree with my writing either. All inspiration and motivation is sucked out of me for those two reasons. I want to go back to my flat and just stay there, to not come back. I want to write 20K a week again, to actually get something done. All I’ve done the past two weeks is write free, short stories that won’t be of any use.

I tried starting in on two short stories I’ve wanted to write for a while, but the interest just fizzled out. I want to start on the next More novel or another story in the Their Circumstances series, but I’m afraid the interest for those will fizzle out as well. Being back here … it’s not good for me at all. Can’t December just be over, so I can leave this place behind?

On reading

Reading has suffered just as much as writing. Haven’t finished a thing this week. Did read some stories on fictionpress, but that doesn’t really count. Did start a read-through of my own More Than Anything, and today I read through Skin Deep, because I want to write a Christmas short for Silver and Kian. Still, motivation is so low, I don’t know what’ll happen.