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Cover: Winter Love

This was in my inbox this morning! Technically I saw it last night, right before bed, but the high-rez version was waiting this morning. This is the first story in my Seasonal Love series, previously referred to as just the Related series. This cabin looks so inviting. I wouldn’t mind snuggling up in there in front of a fire when winter comes!

This is a contemporary m/m series and this particular book is set in both Norway and Finland. It’ll be a few months till this one is released, so I have no blurb or excerpt yet.I don’t know how many stories there will be in this series, but I have two others finished, and plans for a couple of more.

I also re-rid the color scheme of my livejournal layout in honor of this beautiful cover! Go check it out if you feel so inclined! ^__^ Have also updated the website a bit. Added a welcome page, which will be more interesting in time when I get more stuff up on the site, and added the blog to it’s own page named ‘News’. I think the site looks better with its own welcome page than the recent blog posts.

Am also participating in NaNoWriMo this month, and am now nearing the end of Polar Nights. Next up I’ll either tackle the rewrite of the next Svalbard book or the rewrite of an old story titled Returning Home. Haven’t decided which yet, but they’re both interesting stories, so I’ll see which one pulls the most when Polar Nights is finished and take it from there.

Excerpt: Polar Nights

cover made by me for illustration purposes only

This is the first story in my Svalbard Saga, which is a series I write in 2009 and am now rewriting completely. These are my NaNoWriMo projects for this year, and I’m over halfway done with Polar Nights now and figured I should post a little excerpt. Take note that it is completely unedited (also by me), so there is bound to be some mistakes here. But enjoy the entire first scene of the story nonetheless!

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