That’s a wrap

MoreThanEnough1I finished More Than Enough today, and I think it ended in a nice, hopeful place. It’s about twenty-nine and a half thousand words, so I’m rounding that number up to a neat 30K. It’s 30K! Yay!

Okay, so… It wasn’t supposed to be that long. The entire book was set to become 40K in my mind, perhaps up to 60K, but that was maximum. So when only the first part turned 30K, I knew it would all be too long.

So now it’s been split. Book 1: More Than Enough, and now book 2: Not Close Enough. I’ve got a plan for the titles of this series. One word follows each couple. I wrote a short story to follow up on More Than Anything titled Anything For Him. The first part of More Than Words were released as a novella from Andreas’ POV, titled No Right Words. So if you see a MTA book with Anything, Words, or Enough in the title, you know what couple’s it’s gonna be about.

Today I’ve been thinking some more. See, I made the cover for Not Close Enough and the series title is More Than Anything. BUT I was thinking… What if it said More Than Enough instead? All books in this series that feature different couples are stand-alones, after all, but those following the same couple are not. So I was thinking perhaps label them as their own series, but they’re still part of the main series. Just to separate the different couples. Maybe the first book should be labeled as part of the main series?

Good idea? Yay? Nay?

I’m pondering it. For now, I’ve just barely started in on Not Close Enough. I made a blurb, but the beginning doesn’t quite match it yet. We’ll get there. In a bit. I can’t wait for what’s to happen next. I have a general idea, but stuff always pops up. That’s what’s so fun about writing – you never know what’s going to come along and mess up your plan and your idea for the book.

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