The 3 writing programmes I use

The 3 writing programmes I use

There are bad programmes, there are good programmes and then there are amazing ones! Let’s start with the one I like least to the one I like best, shall we?

3. Microsoft Words

I actually sort of hate Word. It’s such a bother to work in, but it’s what editors use for editing. Track changes is kind of good so I guess I can’t hate on Word too much. But I only use this for editing, nothing else.

2. Scrivener

This has been my writing software for years. I loved Scrivener. Truly, I did. Scrivener is awesome. You can do a hell of a lot in Scrivener! Maybe too much… I just used it to write and hardly ever used any other features. I never used the corkboard or any of that other fancy shit. I just made new documents for writing and that was it. I also think you have to pay for the app on iPhone and iPad, which kind of sucks when I’ve already bought it on the laptop. I really want to start writing on an iPad, so that was a big downer for me.

Also, with large files, Scrivener on my laptop got really slow and laggy. It got to the point it was a huge annoyance and I didn’t even want to open my laptop to write because it’d take so bloody long to get down to it.

1. Ulysses

Ulysses came from nowhere. Literally. I think I saw an Instagram post about it, so I had to check it out. Scrivener meets minimalism. Why, yes, that’s what a minimalist heart likes to hear. So I downloaded Ulysses and just let me tell you… I love it! This is amazing! Sure, you can’t do all that fancy shit like you can in Scrivener, but I wasn’t using that anyway.

Ulysses is quite minimalist. It uses markdown, which kind of threw me at first, but now I dig it. It’s easy to use, easy to move documents around if I need to, easy to export. There’s no lagging. I can set a word count goal, I can use keywords, I can add notes. It’s everything I need. Now I just need to save for an iPad so my old laptop can get some rest. It’s getting laggy, after all. It’s probably the one causing the lagging in Scrivener, but what the hell, it doesn’t lag in Ulysses, so… it’s all good. But I still want an iPad. It’s so much easier to take with me out of the house. And it starts a hell of a lot quicker than this old takes-bloody-fifteen-minutes-to-start MacBook.

If all my old stories weren’t in Scrivener, I’d just say buh-bye to that software and continue with Ulysses. As it is, Scrivener’s put on the back burner unless I need to access some of those books, and Ulysses is my future!

What writing programmes do you use? Do you have the same opinion I do or do you prefer them in a different order?


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