The Arctic Love series come bearing new covers!

ALPolarNightsYesterday I got a bunch of pretty dropped in my inbox: covers for the Arctic Love series! Polar Nights and Northern Lights will be polished up and re-released with the new ones, while Midnight Sun will be released with the new from the get-go. The new covers have been put up on all three books’ new book pages right here on the website.

AND, it’s not just those three, but the cover for the fourth novella, White Nights, was also included in the set! White Nights is currently set for release in January. Haven’t got a blurb yet, but I’ll be sure to share it when I do have it.

All four covers were made by the awesome Natasha Snow! May she make more covers for me in the future. :-)

Speaking of the book pages… I seem to have deleted all the reviews and stuff I had up here before I re-did my website last time, so I have to hunt those down again. And all books will get their own behind the scenes page in due time too, with materials you may or may not find interesting.

With that said, I’ll just leave you with the pretties, because they sure deserve being gazed lovingly upon, like I’ve done ever since I received them.

 ALNorthernLights      ttkove_midnightsun      ttkove_whitenights

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  1. Wow – these are truly beautiful covers. I’ve added this series to my TBR list!