The end of one series and the beginning of another

scarredsoulsThere will be no more book in the THEIR CIRCUMSTANCES series. But this doesn’t mean that this is the end for these characters. They will come back better, stronger – and longer. You see, back in March I kind of rewrote the original short story SCARRED SOULS – and it ended up at 62K. Josh and Damian wanted their story to go differently, and that’s what happened.

I am done with the short stories and the novellas written out of order and without chronology. This time around it’s getting done right. So far SCARRED SOULS went from an 8K short to a 62K novel. It’s completely different from the short, though some of the short story has been used in the new version.

SKIN DEEP has also been rewritten – and renamed INKED SOULS. It’s basically the same story, only more flashed out and dependent on events that happened in SCARRED SOULS. It went from a 15K short to a 35K novella.

Next up is MEASURED DOSES – renamed BROKEN SOULS. This will be rewritten into the 1st person POV like the rest, and fleshed out and extended. In the end it’ll be a novel. I have the same goal as for SCARRED SOULS, but I think it might end up longer.

Josh and Damian will have another novel, TROUBLED SOULS, which will consist of rewrites of INNER DEMONS and YESTERDAY’S TEARS, with many changes to accompany the new events of the first novel.

TCInnerDemonsMatt will get his own novella, which will be a rewrite and more fleshed out version of his parts from YESTERDAY’S TEARS. This one will be titled LOST SOULS.

Then there will be two additional novels, both of which hasn’t been published before. The first is written (it was a novella) and it will be extensively rewritten to follow the new canon. It’s Adam’s story, if anyone remembers him from YESTERDAY’S TEARS? I still haven’t settled on the title for this one, I keep going back and forth.

The characters/couple for the seventh, the last book, is a secret until Adam’s book is published – but it’s likely to be titled DAMAGED SOULS.

You see a pattern here?

It’s the end for THEIR CIRCUMSTANCES, but it’s the beginning of SOULS, a series of novels (and two novellas) about dealing with mental illness or disability, about finding love and fighting for happiness, but most of all it’s about troubled characters trying to overcome their traumatic pasts and live happily ever after – even if that’s something that not at all possible because of the troubles they struggle with daily.

Love doesn’t conquer all – but it does make it easier to fight. 

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