I try to keep a schedule to my blog posts, so the blog won’t be a mess of all kinds of posts. The schedule is as follows:

  1. More Monday
    • Every week.
    • Currently running as behind-the-scenes writing posts about the More series.
  2. Their Tuesday
    • Promo-posts a month before there’s a new release in the Their Circumstances series.
    • Whenever I have something to say about the series when there isn’t an upcoming release.
  3. Wednesday WIP
    • Every other week, alternating with Trackback Thursday.
    • Either an excerpt from WIP/upcoming release, or blogging generally about a WIP.
  4. Trackback Thursday
    • Every other week, alternating with Wednesday WIP.
    • Cover, blurb and excerpt from an old release.
  5. Friday Freebie
    • Working on this. 
  6. Saturday Shout Out
    • Every other week, same week as Wednesday WIP.
    • Posting covers about books I’ve read and can recommend.
  7. Sunday Status
    • Every week.
    • A rundown of my weekly writing and word count, as well as a rundown of what I’ve been reading that week.
  8. Guest posts
    • Can be any day of the week. Author’s decision!