Their Circumstances: End of life sale

tc-end-of-lifeThe time is here. The time for the end of life of the Their Circumstances series. There’s a sale going where you get 50% off on all books until the end of March, when they all go out of print.

Scarred Souls. The short story that started the series. Josh and Damian, the short story of how they met. Now only $0.75! (This one has been completely redone and will be released as a novel with the same name.)

Skin Deep. A book containing three short stories, all three showing glimpses of Silver and Kian’s relationship. Now only $1.50!

Measured Doses. My first threesome! Chad, Dion, and Jeremy. Cheating, second chances, new love, taking chances. Now only $2.50!

Inner Demons. More Josh and Damian. This time Josh’s past comes back to haunt him – and he runs. Now only $2.50!

Reunited. A very short story taking place during Inner Demons. Written from Damian’s perspective. Now only $0.75!

Yesterday’s Tears. Josh and Damian, again. This time tragedy strikes close to home and they get more on their plate than what they’d counted on. Now only $2.50!

But what is the reason this series is ending? Why will it not be re-published?

The reason is simple and it’s this:


A complete do over of the Their Circumstances series. It has morphed into the Scarred Souls series, and it’ll be longer, heavier, darker, better, and told chronologically. No more short stories spattered all over the place, no more skipping back and forth in the timeline. This time it’s done correctly, more true to the original idea I had for these characters way back when.

There’s going to be a lot of tears and blood and hurt and love. Characters will be dealing with debilitating mental illnesses, traumatic pasts and presents, self-destructive behaviours and dysfunctional relationships. It’s going to be dark, realistic, and it’s going to hurt. But they’ll get there – in the end.

The books are as follows:

1. Scarred Souls. The redoing of the short story. Told from both Josh and Damian’s POV. It has gone from a short 8K story to a 62K novel, and though some part of the short is still in here, everything has changed.

2. Inked Souls. The redoing of Skin Deep. Told from Kian’s POV, detailing his beginning relationship with Silver. This is the book that has changed the least in the rewrites. A 45K short novel.

3. Broken Souls. The redoing of Measured Doses. Some of the scenes from the novella is still in here, but the situations have changed. It is a complete redoing. This time around it’s a 62K novel.

4. Imperfect Souls. The continuation of Broken Souls. Chad, Dion, and Jeremy needed more and more they got. A 45K short novel.

And still in progress: Wounded Souls, a complete redoing of Inner Demons/Yesterday’s Tears, told from Josh’s POV. Everything has changed. Lost Souls, a complete redoing of Matt’s parts of Yesterday’s Tears. Some scenes are familiar, but the plot has changed.

To come is Troubled Souls and Damaged Souls. And I won’t be saying anything else about those for the time being.

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