There was light at the end of the tunnel

writingI never thought the tunnel would end, though. Wounded Souls has been a WIP since July 2014. I stopped writing it because I figured I didn’t need it, so I started Lost Souls instead. Then I figured I needed Wounded after all, but as part of Lost. Except not… it was scrapped again. Started it over. Something was missing. Started again. Then came months of me not writing at all. I started back in on Wounded in February – and yesterday, April 29, I finally finished it!

It’s a right mess at the moment, but it is done. It makes me so happy to finally have a finished draft. It’s going to be put away for a while though. A good, long while. Now I’ll start in on Lost, redo stuff as the new Wounded changed everything. What happens in Lost will stay, it’s just the background stuff that will change. So after fixing up all that, I only have the ending to write. So that’ll finally be done soon, too.

Once Lost is out of the way, I’ll take a break from the Souls series.

Next I’ll write a short in the More series, closely related to the upcoming More Than Words. Once that one’s done, I’ll get back to my abandoned novel Freefall, but first I need to write a short that happens before the events in Freefall. After this, I’ll start More Than Enough (third More book). Lots of plans. I sure hope they’ll go according to plan. These are the set plans for the year. If I get anything else done, that would certainly be a bonus. I’m not putting the bar too high this year, since end of last year wasn’t a good time at all. (Not writing related, but still… It caused me not to write a single word for months, so I don’t want that to happen again.)

Wish me luck!

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