Thoughts on titles?

A_glass_of_Water_by_CasslassSince I last updated, I finished the two shorts Scarred for Life and Christmas Ink, and thus was able to finally submit Inked Souls. This is the rewrite of Skin Deep, if anyone wonders, and the second book in the new Souls series.

I’ve also printed out Broken Souls, but not bound it yet. This is on my to-do for today, actually, and once I finish Imperfect Souls, the fourth book, I will start to read through them both to make sure they’re in accordance with each other, them being connected and all.

I’ve been thinking a bit about titles today. With IS being the direct sequel to BS, with the same POV characters, I was wondering what people prefer … Do they prefer a new title or for it to be titled Broken Souls II? Next book I’m writing in the series is the direct sequel to Scarred Souls, and it’s currently titled Troubled Souls, but I’m also thinking about if people would prefer it to be titled Scarred Souls II?

The reason why I’m contemplating this, is so that it’ll be easier to see which book has to be read before, because the direct sequels wouldn’t be enjoyed as much if the prequels haven’t been written.

Tell me your thoughts in the comments! I would really like to hear what people think about this. 

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