Unable to commit

Unable to commit

I have only finished writing a blog post on my new favourite writing programme—and then a new one decides to come along. Like, for real? I had just committed to Google Docs and now I’m being lured away. I do enjoy trying new writing programmes, after all. I do not enjoy anything else new, however, I’m a creature of habit, really. 

So this new programme… It’s called Dabble


  • It’s cross-platform. You can use it on both Windows and OS. 
  • It has a desktop app you can use on your personal computer—and you can write in the browser on the go. 
  • You can track your word count, as well as set goals. 
  • There are sections for character notes and worldbuilding, so if you don’t have all that in another place you can have it here right next to your book.  
  • You can plot your book here as well, with scenes and plot points and subplots. 
  • It syncs automatically in the cloud.
  • It works both online and offline. 
  • They have a 14-day trial! 

You can basically do everything in the same manuscript—but only the book itself counts in the word count. Or perhaps you can change it so every word counts, but I only want to see how many words my book is, so I haven’t toyed with that setting. 


  • It’s subscription-based. $10 a month or $100 a year. I personally think that’s a lot. But then again, they seem to be continuously working on both small and big updates, so it’ll get better and better. 
  • You can’t change fonts or style on the text. Yet, anyway. I do believe I saw it was one of the things they want to add to it in the future. 
  • This might be nitpicky of me, but there’s no way to put the blurb in front of the book itself. I now have it in the Story Notes section—and that’s okay, but I would prefer to have it after the title page and before chapter 1.  

They are working on mobile support and I hope that’ll be out soon. Not that I write much on my mobile, but I can take notes and stuff when I’m out and about then. 

I am on my trial run with it now and I really am enjoying it so far. That the wordcount and goals is on the right side of the screen and visible at all times is something I really like. Also, having chapters on the left side, where I can move them around as I please. This is not easy to do in Google Docs: you have to cut and scroll and paste if you want to change things around and that’s a drag. 

I’m mostly a linear writer, but I like having the option, you know? 

Have you ever tried Dabble? Do you like it? Do you prefer another writing programme?


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