On writing

I wrote 5,100 words this week and spent 4,5 hours writing them. It was all on Hometown, which has now reached hallways. My self-set deadline is January 16th, so I hope to still make it, even if motivation for writing isn’t on top.

On reading

I started the year by shifting genres. All last year I read contemporary, but now I’m feeling the need to move on to something else. So I started reading Mell Eight’s Finding the Wolf, the first book in the Dragon’s Hoard series. I really enjoyed it and am looking forward to the three others!

Next, I started in on Skogen bortenfor dagen, which is a Norwegian book and the first in Margit Sandemo’s Trollruner series. It’s a historical/fantastical series dealing with elves and nature spirits. It’s all kinds of cliche, but that’s the way she writes. She has an astounding imagination, with the story lines and all, even if the characters are so cliche and so good and could never do anything wrong. I’m going to read a couple of books while on holiday, then go back to English ones.