On writing

This week was a good one! I wrote 13,000 words this week. This is the best wordcount since November, I reckon. Most of it was written on Hometown, but I also started editing More Than Words. The novel will be split in two, since the second part takes place a while later, so I felt this was best. I’m also adding more story to it, and am now working on the first part. My goal is to have it about 50K by the end, and now it’s at about 35K. There’s a lot to cover though, so I can’t see that it’ll be a difficult goal to reach.

Hometown is coming along too. My goal of 30K seems to have to be extended, as there’s more to cover before the book’s done. I’m not complaining. New goal is at the 32-35K range somewhere. I hope to reach it next week, but I’m not counting on it.

On reading

Readings been good for once too. I started the week off with Lissa Kasey’s free short, Friction, which is an introduction to her Dominion series. It was an interesting set-up for the series! I continued on with Decadence, the second free short, and it was just as interesting as the first one. I also re-read Piper Vaughn’s Wanting, which is a sweet story that always leaves me in a good mood. Of course, I finished the re-read the day before she published the second edition of it. Just my lick, right? Then it was on to Lissa Kasey’s third and last free short, Resolute. Enjoyable read, as well!

I also finished Joely Skye’s Wolf Town, which I’d started earlier this month. It was a book where I read the blurb  and instantly knew I had to read it. It was tedious once I started it, however, because it started with the sex, and I’m not really a fan of sex in general. They’re fine, but I mostly skim them, and as this started with sex, it started with me skimming. (Hypocritical, I know, since I do write it myself!) That being said, once the sex was over and it was the morning after, the action started to pick up and I was suddenly immersed in the story. It is a short story and short stories has its limitations, but I enjoyed it quite a lot once the first two chapters or so were over. Once this was over, I ended up reading M.J. O’Shea’s Stroke!, which also was a good story.