Week 36: 2013

This weekend, I found an old story of mine called Summer Fever. I read through it, found I actually liked it, and decided to go through it and finish it. I accomplished this, and finished it on Tuesday. It reached 20K. Only about 2-3K was written from scratch, the rest from the original story I fixed up to fit my current writing style. I also submitted the story to a new publisher, but I won’t say anymore before I know what’ll happen to it.

I also submitted Inner Demons to LT3 last week. It’s another book in the Their Circumstances series. It once again features Josh and Damian as protagonists and it range from before the events of Reunited until after it. The Reunited scenes are portrayed from another POV, and I hope Josh’s feelings and his reasons for leaving comes through clearly. Haven’t heard back on it yet, but I’m hoping for the best.

On Tuesday I tried to work on my WIPs, after finishing SF, but none felt quite right to work on. So I read a couple of stories, then it came to me: I wanted to read through the old versions of the Arctic Love stories. I used to hate the old versions, but reading through them now I found I actually quite liked them. So guess what I decided to do? I started going through Northern Lights. I fixed up everything, added some new material, deleted some old, and now I think it’s really good. I finished it on Thursday, so it only took me about two days to do.

Next up was Midnight Sun, the story of Jørgen and Frey. This one had to be worked out a lot more than the rest, because Frey’s entire personality had to be changed to go with the Frey from Polar Nights. I like this Frey a lot better, though. As of Sunday, Midnight Sun is on it’s very last chapter, so I reckon I’ll have it finished by tomorrow.

That’s it for this week. It’s been quite a busy one. I hope the next one will be as well. I do have three more stories in Arctic Love to revise, one in Seasonal Love, and then I need to focus back on Their Circumstances for a bit, I think. Maybe Tomorrow is almost done, I just need to find the inspiration to finish it.

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