Week 37: 2013

I got the contract for Inner Demons in my inbox, and I promptly read it, signed it and sent it back. I finished Midnight Sun, though it took me most of the day on a single smut scene. I also started in on revising White Nights, the fourth book in the Arctic Love series.

Continued revising White Nights and managed to finish them. It clocked in at 23K. I debated a bit if I should continue on to the fifth Arctic story, but then decided on revising Moscow Night, the third book in Seasonal Love and the last book that are previously written in the series.

I finished revising Moscow Night, and it ended up at just over 20K. So this marks the end of the pre-written books in Seasonal Love, however. The next story, Russian Roulette, was one I had trouble with a few years back. It was the reason I didn’t write anymore in the series. The solution came to be now though. Instead of being a twosome, Russian Roulette will actually be my first ever foursome. The four men all fitted together so nicely, it wouldn’t be right to split them up into pairs. So a foursome it is. But it won’t be written right now, as I want to finish some WIPs first. I also started in on a proper series bible for Their Circumstances, because it is desperately needed.

Nothing done today.

I spent most of today wondering what to write next. I was inspired to write Russian Roulette, my first foursome, but suddenly my brain jumped to the angel story. I was like, no way muse, because I’m in contemporary mode and thus I cannot switch genres. It’s not that easy for me. Then I had a sudden idea for the sequel to Measured Doses, titled Indefinite Quantities, which was my first threesome. There was more story to cover there, particularly for the third person in the relationship, so this is basically his book, though one of his partners will have a big role as well. I wrote 2K of only smut, which I guess is a good way to start a story?

Was finally inspired to finish Maybe Tomorrow, the sequel of Yesterday’s Tears. The previous prologue didn’t work out, so I added back a deleted scene which worked a lot better, as an important scene from YT is repeated from MT‘s protagonist’s POV. The first prologue was added into the manuscript as an interlude. I decided to scratch the epilogue, as I felt it wasn’t really needed. The last chapter ended just fine. That left me one other interlude to write, and I had plans of finishing it, but I was simply too tired too. Saving the rest for tomorrow!

Didn’t get as much done today as I hoped. I’d wanted to finish MT, but the interlude is a smut scene, and I always use a pretty long time writing those. Still, I am very happy with this week. I’ve achieved a lot! Now it’s onto a new week, where I hope I’ll achieve some more on the writing front.

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