Week 38: 2013

[title size=”2″]On writing[/title]

My plan to finish Maybe Tomorrow this week fell through. I read an article about Svalbard, so it inspired me yet again. I read through Northern Lights, to make sure it was ready to be submitted. Afterwards, I did submit it. Then I started revising Northern Skies, the fifth book in the Arctic Love series. It did need a lot of revising, because Varg is a drama queen and a crybaby in the original version. He’s really just a hot-head and a drama-queen. The crying has to go. I finished the revising of Northern Skies and started in on Black Sun, the sixth book in the series. This is the last pre-written book. After this one is done I have to write from scratch. I’m not sure how many books there’ll be in the series. Maybe Black Sun will be the last one. Maybe there’ll be other short stories. That’s up in the air at the moment, though I do have another idea for Jonathan.

I found an outline for an old story, Unexpected Comfort, and I started writing it. The outline takes some of the excitement out of the story, but I like it so much I simply have to write it. It was supposed to be written in 3rd person, alternating between the two protagonists, but it has now changed into 1st person POV. I’ve always wanted to write a story in 1st person. It is quite interesting to get so into a character.

I’ve also added a bit more to Maybe Tomorrow. The last interlude (actually the first, but I’m writing them out of order), is all about the smut and I writing smut goes slow for me. I have several more ideas for stories in the Their Circumstances series, and the only difficulty is deciding on which one to write first. I want to write them all at the same time!

[title size=”2″]On reading[/title]

I’ve been doing quite some reading lately. I’ve been looking forward to the release of Tara Lain’s FAST Balls, so I’ve focused on reading the first books in the series. The week started with me finishing Beach Balls, which was a really nice read. I liked Adam and Sky. Especially Sky. I wanted to read something short afterwards, so I chose Shayla Mist’s Doctor’s Puppy Love. It was really sweet! Then it was on to Snow Balls. JJ was such an awesome character, even if he was pretending to be someone he wasn’t for most of the book. I loved him. Not as much as Rodney, but pretty close.

And then … the book I’d been waiting for: FAST Balls! It was really good, though it didn’t quite measure up to my favourite of the series, Fire Balls. I don’t think any character can measure up to Rodney. I simply loved Rodney! It was nice to finally get to Jerry’s book, I’d been wondering about him ever since Rodney’s story. And Mick, the homophobe. FAST Balls was a sweet, loving story that dealt with an important issue. I think it was all nicely handled. Yeah, I love this series. Gimme more please!

I have over 300 books on iBooks TBR book shelf, so I have currently banned myself from buying anymore until I’m down on the 200 number. That should be about 15 books. So I have to read 15 books on the TBR shelf before I can buy anything new. I’m writing this down, because I hope it’ll be easier to follow, but we’ll see. /grin

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