Week 41: 2013

[title size=”2″]On writing[/title]

I’m visiting family this week, so I knew I wasn’t going to get a lot written. Still, I’ve exceeded expectations. I’ve continued on More Than Anything, which is promising to be very long indeed, and this week I wrote 11K on it. That’s not to bad for someone who’s away visiting family, is it? The novel has now reached 28K altogether, and all the lads have done so far is a couple of hugs. They’re going to be progressing very soon though, and then everything will promptly go to hell. Yes, I’m putting these lads through their paces. Just you wait for the sequel; that couple will go through a heck of a lot more than these two.

I’m learning how to put my characters through their paces, because normally I’m all like I don’t want to hurt them, I just want them to be happy. Not now. Not this series. These men are going to hurt before they get their happy-ever-after. And it’s so much fun! I’m looking forward to continuing MTA and I’m looking forward to when I start to flesh out the sequel, and also the rest of the series. I have big plans! I’m so excited! I just wish writing the novels didn’t take so long. I wish I could just finish them all right now. Wouldn’t that be nice, huh?

[title size=”2″]On reading[/title]

Well, as I’m away, reading has fallen off the wayside to actually writing. I finished From Out In the Cold by L.A.Witt and I loved it! This book was realistically written, and I cannot even express how much I liked it. It dealt with a heavy subject which simply wasn’t cured by sex or love like in so many other books. They had to work for their recovery, and I loved to read about their journey. Highly recommended! After I finished that one, I started in on Something Like Summer by Jay Bell, which I’ve read a bit about. Apparently he’s very good at putting his characters through their paces, and I’m looking forward, and kind of dreading, what’s to come!

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