Week 45: 2013

[title size=”2″]On writing[/title]

So this has been the first proper week of November and it’s been mental! I’ve been participating in NaNoWriMo, and I won, which means I reached 50,000 words!, on the 9th. Nine days in and I’ve gotten 50K down, isn’t that just completely mental? I have no idea how it happened. I’ve written 55K in November so far, and 46K of them this week. Last month I write 69K. Think I can beat that this month?

I finished More Than Anything on the 7th, went through it and submitted it on the 8th. If this is what can happen when I have an outline, I will always have one from now on. I also wrote a short, sexy stand-alone for an anthology call, which I also submitted on the 8th. And I did something else on the 8th I should’ve done for ages now: I finally submitted White Nights and Moscow Nights, fourth in the Arctic Love series and third in the Seasonal Love series respectably.

I also, on the 8th, started the second More novel, More Than Words. This is up on 16K now and there’s still a lot to write! Hoping to get it out during the rest of November, though I’ve set a deadline of December 10th on it. We’ll see how it goes. It isn’t on a proper deadline after all, but it’s nice to set one for myself.

[title size=”2″]On reading[/title]

Haven’t been reading so much this week, since it’s been all about the writing. I did, however, read the last book in the Coda series, Fear, Hope and Bread Pudding. This book didn’t catch me like the others, because of the subject it deals with. I do not have children, nor will I ever have children. The thought of having them does not appeal to me at all. So no, the subject matter here did not draw me in at all. But, this is Jon and Cole, and I love them. The writing is as good as ever, too, so even if the subject covered in the entire book is not my cup of tea, it gets a full five stars anyway, because there’s nothing at all wrong here to retract from that.

I also read a short, Putting Out Fires, where Matt tries to do something nice to Jared and it’s an epic fail. Kind of. He was so sweet, and he tried his best! After that I started in on L.A. Witt’s Where Nerves End, which is the first book in the Tucker Springs series. It’s looking promising so far!

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