On writing

Writing hasn’t been dreadful this week. It’s been a lot better than last week, that’s for sure. I wrote 8,600 words. All of it on More Than Words. I had a moment of “this’ll suck even more than it used to” here the other day, while I was stuck on a scene I was adding, but last night I figured out how to proceed forward. The entire second part, which was supposed to be a novel on its own, is getting scrapped and events are being moved into the first part. They’ll be altered to fit the new direction of the book, and I do believe it’ll end up quite long.

I’m 45K in now, after adding15K, and it’s only been five months in the book so far. It’s supposed to be at least a year and a half. So a lot to do!(The second part is 38K, with adding any scenes, and most of that will be moved and incorporated into the first part).  Also need to add more to the beginning, but will do that once I’ve finished it. Again. This seems to be a book I’m never going to be happy with. I hope I will be now though, when I’ve cut the timeline down, so there won’t be so much skipping ahead. I have faith in this rewrite being much better than what I wrote during NaNoWriMo.

On reading

This week I’ve continued on the Norwegian historical/paranormal/fantasy-ish series Trollruner (Magical Runes), with book 7 Den blĂ„ jorden (The Blue Earth) and book 8 Steinulven (The Stone Wolf). Only three books left now. Margit Sandemo does wrte cliche stories, but that’s actually what I like. Even if they are cliche, I really care about the characters and want them to get together (because there’s always something standing in between them so they can’t get together with the one they love, at least in the beginning). It’s quick, easy entertainment, and I am easily entertained.

I’ve also started More Than This by Jay McLean. This is a m/f book, and I actually found it while searching for how many books that had More as a series title, as I have a series named that. Thinking about renaming it though, since there was a lot. Still, this m/f book really caught my interest, so I bought it (and the sequel!) and so far I’m enjoying it, though I’ve let Trollruner have first priority over my reading time so far.

I also bought the three first books in Tusen Biter (A Thousand Pieces), a Norwegian series for teenagers I read many years ago. Drama, drama, drama all the way through, but I enjoyed it way back then. So I’m rereading it now. This is the gal who “doesn’t read Norwegian”. Most books I’ve read this year is in Norwegian. But that statement doesn’t count when it’s Margit Sandemo and a series I used to love when I was younger. These are small books though, so they’ll be read rather quickly. There’s 18 in total though, and they’re bloody expensive. They cost more as ebooks than I bought them as in paperbacks back then! Still, nostalgia wins.