What to do when you’re stuck?

scarred-sunday-whiteI ask myself this question every time it happens. And lately it’s happened a lot. I still don’t have an answer to it, excel to just leave the book be for a while and see if things can sort themselves out in my head.

But you know what? It messes up my schedule. I sat up a writing schedule, and three months were put down to finish Lost Souls. Guess what? Those are up soon, and I’m still stuck on the book. I haven’t got a clue what to do next. It’s aggravating.

This morning (or was it last night?) I had a bit of an idea. Lost Souls was supposed to contain Matt’s story (the main story) and a short for Josh and Damian, that goes parallel with Matt’s events. But right now I’m thinking that perhaps they should be split up anyway, which would move the series back up to eight books, as was originally planned. I think the ideas a good one, though both stories will likely end up in the 40K-range instead of one of them at 60K. But we’ll see. If I can figure out the details, it might happen. If anything else comes to me… that might happen.

Lost Souls also deals with depression, and I’m afraid that Matt might be too depressed. But he’s not doing so well and I can’t make him less depressed, because that wouldn’t work with his issues. I’m going to read through his part again sometimes soon, see for myself if it’s simply too dark and whiny, because if it is, something has to be done. Maybe skip ahead a bit, because as it stands now, the timeline is only about a week or two or so.

I’m trying to finish another WIP (a poor, abandoned one) while I let this one ruminate for a bit. We’ll see how it goes. Hopefully inspiration strikes soon – but I also kinda hope I can finish this older WIP, since it’s been waiting patiently for forever. I do know I will finish Lost Souls, I just don’t know when. I’m an impatient person though, and I don’t like to put a WIP aside, so maybe that’s what’s so aggravating. But picking up another one I put aside makes me happy too, because finally I can try and finish it. It only has about 10K-20K left after all, and then I’ll dive back into Lost Souls.

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