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July 14, 2016
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What to do?


Northern1LightsI’m conflicted. I’m not sure what to do right now, to be honest, so if anyone’s got any tips, please do share in the comments.

You see, I’ve got two Arctic Love novellas up and one short story. But they’re a continuation – so I’ve been contemplating pulling them until I can get Varg and Jonathan’s first book back out. The rewrite will bring with it some changes, so the books will need to be re-published anyway so I can add those changes to them.

Then I thought, I could just leave them up for now. It’s not like I’ve rewritten and redone NORTHERN LIGHTS yet. But… why leave the end of a story up when it has no beginning?

The big question: to unpublish? Or not unpublish?

Right now I’m leaning towards unpublish. I might change my mind tomorrow. It’s late now, after all.

Then I’ve got my second issue. That’s my story HOW ABOUT A BOYFRIEND?. I was set on re-releasing it under my erotica pen name, but lately I’ve been thinking about re-releasing it under this pen name, as it is an erotic romance. BUT, and there’s a big but, it doesn’t fit with my voice anymore.

You see, all my stories are now written in 1st person POV – while HAAB? is not. It’s in 3rd. I could rewrite it – but I’ve already paid for proofing and I don’t really have the time. Or I could re-release under my erotica pen name and let it languish with my erotic shorts.

I’m torn. I have absolutely no idea what to do.

One thing’s for sure: it’s late, so I got to sleep on this. Maybe I’m in a right mind to make a decision tomorrow. We shall see.


  1. Cain says:

    To the question of whether or not to unpublish… It could go one of two ways you can bring everything down until you finished rewriting everything to your satisfaction or you could leave them up but add a note that the story is in the process of being rewritten and once the first volume is complete there will be some discrepancies in the following volumes. That way you can give people the opportunity to choose whether they want to wait for everything to go back up or if they want to read it anyway and just go back once everything has been revamped.

    To the question of HAAB, I don’t see the need to separate your voice. Is it necessary to have a singular voice? As a writer, as a creative person, you should you be free to explore various voices even under one name. I mean, it’s okay to separate your milder content from the heavy erotica by names, but if it’s just a matter of whether you’re writing in first person or third person, as a fan of your work, I don’t really see the need for the separation. It’s still your work; it will have a slightly different feel being in third person, but I think that it’s not drastic enough that it requires you to separate it from the TT Kove name.

    • TT Kove says:

      Thanks for your reply!

      Putting up a note on the stories is a good idea! I’m going to have to do that, I think. :)

      And about HAAB, you might be right… Hmm. Yeah. Maybe I should keep it under this pen name, as it is intended as a romance title (but heavy on the erotic front).