What’s coming in 2020

What’s coming in 2020

Happy New Year! I hope the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020 has treated you well. I’ve been busy with family – but also with writing and behind the scenes stuffs. Things are happening now and it’s time to update you.


I finished More than Words. It turned out quite different than the old version. Well, the story is basically the same, with some changed details and timeline, but… well, of the 61,000 words of the old version, only about 28,000 words of those are still in the new version. Since it ended up at 78,000 words, that means there are 50,000 new words. And the timeline? It ends after only two weeks!

I have some revision to do, and I need to start on book 2 (and find a title for it!), then this book should be out soon after. I want to get far into book 2 first, so it can be put up for pre-order at the same time book 1 comes out, but we’ll see. 

Coming in 2020

2020 will be the year of rewrites and bonus scenes. All bonus scenes will be posted on my Patreon. I’m thinking 1-2 bonus scenes a month. Maybe more as I write more books and have more content and more characters to write bonus scenes about. 

What books exactly am I rewriting, you ask? Basically every book except the Souls of London series. 

The long list:

  • More than Words have been extensively rewritten and Andreas’s point of view is included.
  • More than Words 2 (previously Louder than Words, but it will be re-titled) are next up to be rewritten, though I do not think this will be altered as much as the first book. It will also have Andreas’s point of view.
  • Protection will be expanded extensively and re-titled. It is now part of the Something More series.
  • More than Enough will be getting Thomas’s POV. Some small changes will be made, but not big ones, I think.
  • More than This will be getting Roar’s POV.
  • More than Life will be getting Nik’s POV.
  • More than Friends will be extended a little and have a timeline change.
  • More than Expected will be rewritten and will have three equal points of views.
  • More than Anything might be completely rewritten and have a timeline change. I haven’t made up my mind about this one yet, I have to see how the other books pan out first.
  • Arctic Adventures will be extensively rewritten and added to, with dual POVs and a change in timeline. The version now available might be incorporated or be its own short story.
  • Arctic Heat, Arctic Meltdown and Arctic Tides will be added to, for sure, but how much it will change depends on AA when I get to it.
  • Arctic Dreams also depends on how AA turns out, but I think it might only be extended and not totally rewritten.

This is not a set order in which I will work on books. I haven’t quite figured out the proper timeline. I’ll let the characters decide as I work on the rewrites. All I know right now is that Alex and Andreas will have the first two books in the series, and which one comes after them… that wholly depends on what the writing reveals. 

I can say that I plan on working on all the Something More books first, and the Arctic books after those are done. Hence why I will leave the original version of the Arctic books up for some time yet. The Something More series will come down, however. 

About bonus scenes

These are only available on my Patreon. These scenes will feature the Something More characters, and it’ll be everything from backstory to relationships to friendships and family. Every scene will be as long (or longer) than a regular chapter, so at least 2,000 words each. I plan on posting one or two bonus scenes a month starting from now.

I will only write bonus scenes in the POV of the current novel I’m writing, or from the POV of a previous novel. That means as I’m working on More than Words and book 2, the bonus scenes will be from either Alex or Andreas’s POV. I don’t want to get immersed in someone else’s point of view when I’m working on a novel. If I’m in-between novels, I might write from another character’s point of view – but I make no promises about that.

The bonus scenes will be set before or during the timeline I’m writing, so until More than Words re-releases, I can only write bonus scenes that take place before that book. Once it’s out, I can write scenes that take place during that book or before the second one. 

If you’re interested in reading the bonus scenes and get other extras released monthly, please subscribe to my Patreon. This is where I’m most active – checking in every day. If you’re not interested in Patreon, my Facebook reader group is also a place I plan on being active in 2020.


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