Year In Review: 2013

2013 was actually quite productive, despite the 4 months where I was completely AWOL and didn’t write or read a thing. Despite this, I did manage to get a lot of words written, many stories submitted and accepted. It wasn’t as good as 2012 release-wise, but I’m happy with the releases I did have. I’m proud of those book, even if there were only four of them.


01/16: How About a Boyfriend?
04/03: Sakura Kiss (Seasonal Love #2)
08/28: Skin Deep (a Their Circumstances short story)
11/20: Yesterday’s Tears (a Their Circumstances novel)

Accepted books

Measured Doses (a Their Circumstances novella)
Inner Demons (a Their Circumstances novella)
Northern Lights (Arctic Love #2)
Midnight Sun (Arctic Love #3)
White Nights (Arctic Love #4)
Moscow Nights (Seasonal Love #2)
More Than Anything (More #1)

Submitted books

Summer Fever (stand-alone title)
All Tied Up (anthology call)[/one_half]

Written books

Measured Doses (a Their Circumstances novella)
Inner Demons (a Their Circumstances novella)
Maybe Tomorrow (a Their Circumstances novella)
More Than Anything (More #1)
More Than Words (More #2)

Word count

31,000 words
wrote Measured Doses

7,000 words
started Inner Demons
started Maybe Tomorrow

49,000 words
finished Inner Demons
wrote on Maybe Tomorrow
started More Than Anything

3,000 words
wrote on Maybe Tomorrow

MayJuneJulyAugust: Writers block and absent from everything online.

6,000 words
started up with More Than Anything again

69,000 words
wrote on More Than Anything

111,000 words
finished More Than Anything
started and finished More Than Words 

22,000 words
started the rewrite of Returning Home 

300,000 words

Out of my accepted books, Measured Doses, Inner Demons and More Than Anything were written this year. The other books were simply edited (or partially rewritten) from draft written before 2013. However, I did also write another Their Circumstances novella this year, Maybe Tomorrow, which is a direct sequel to Yesterday’s Tears and it features Adam. I also wrote the sequel to MTA, More Than Words. Both of these have to be rewritten some before they’re ready for submission. I also wrote some short stories, and started in on stories I haven’t finished yet.

All in all, I’m happy about what I’ve done this year. I’m happy to have finally gotten around to the editing/rewriting of the Arctic Love and Seasonal Love books, as well as Summer Fever. And I’m happy about the books I’ve written, even if two of them needs extensive rewriting and/or editing.

Despite the four months of absence, 2013 has been a good year writing-wise.

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