Year In Review: 2014

2014 was a good year. Had more releases than in 2013 and wrote a lot of longer books instead of the shorts/novellas of previous years. My best year so far! May 2015 be even better!


2/26: Measured Doses (Their Circumstances)
4/30: Inner Demons (Their Circumstances)
7/02: Northern Lights (Arctic Love #2)
9/10: Summer Fever
9/24: More Than Anything (More #1)
11/26: Midnight Sun (Arctic Love #3)

Six releases to four in 2013. This is what I want to try and keep my schedule to, six releases a year. It’s quite nice, having them spread out like that.

Written and accepted books

More Than Words (More #2, started in 2013, finished in 2014)
Scarred Souls (Souls #1)
Inked Souls (Souls #2)
Broken Souls (Souls #3)
Imperfect Souls (Souls #4)

Four written books to four written books in 2013. I’m not counting More Than Words, because that one was written in 2013, then half of it scrapped and rewritten in 2014. Word written all-together in 2014: 482,628!

Most popular books in 2014

Like last year, I wanted to have a look at my most popular books, both in royalties and from copies sold. They’re also compared to the same stats of 2013, which is quite interesting.

More Than Anything is a clear winner in both categories: it’s sold more than any of my other books have in just a few months of its release!


Most popular books in 2013

2014 has definitely been my best year ever since I started out as a published author. I can only hope the year and years to come will see as steady a rise as I’ve seen from just 2013 to 2014!

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