Yesterday’s Tears: Playlist

yesterdaystearsYesterday’s Tears is a book filled with sadness, as the inciting event is the death of not only one, but two, loved ones. The whole series, in fact, is a sad one as it deals with a lot of heavy issues.

I thus have a playlist particularly for this series. It’s filled with songs that puts me in the right mood to write about deep-lying issues, puts me in a sad mode, or in a hopeful one if that’s what the story needs next. I thought, for this post, I should list some of the songs on my playlist, the ones I feel featured most heavily in the writing of this book.

There were certainly other songs than the ones listed here, but these are some of the ones on my current playlist titled ‘Their Circumstances’. Most songs’ lyrics does not reflect the theme of the book, but the lyrics and/or the melody gets me in the right mood to write this book:

  • 4AM Forever by Lost Prophets.
  • Everything I’m Not by the Veronicas
  • Rooftops by Lost Prophets.
  • The Diary of Jane by Breaking Benjamin.
  • The River by Bruce Springsteen.
  • Scream by Kill Hannah.
  • Untouched by the Veronicas.
  • What About Now by Chris Daughtry.

I have started making playlist for most stories. This list is for the entire series, but I’ve recently also started one for each book, as I don’t like to listen to all the songs for every story. Some doesn’t fit right, while others fit perfectly.

Yesterday’s Tears will be released on November 20th, from Less Than Three Press.

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