Is there really such a thing as writer’s block?

never_quite_good_enough_by_Soda_DreamerI’m blocked anyway. I haven’t got a single clue how to end this novella. I’m three chapters away – and I can think of absolutely nothing to write. I had such a good momentum on the story too, only it fell of the way side in my days of a very, very bad mood. And now I can’t get it back again. It sucks so hard.

And the fact that I want to move onto the next books in the series probably aren’t helping. Neither is the fact that I think the novella is made up of utter shit. I’m never writing a threesome again, it’s bloody exhausting. I want to finish this off, so I can be done with it. Until the beta comments come back and I have to fix everything that’s wrong. And let me tell you, right now I think there’s lots of things wrong.

But this might just be my block. Or that end-of-a-book kind of feeling I tend to get, where I’m SO sure everything is shit. I haven’t felt it in a while now, so this is surprising… I hope it goes away soon. I hate feeling like this. Anyway, yeah, that was my blog post. I was going to start up with those WIP Wednesdays blogs, just to have something to post, but as I’m not feeling the WIP… I don’t know.

I do have other news though! As of tomorrow, it’s two months until More Than Anything comes out, and I have made 15 teasers to be posted until then. I hope I’ve picked out interesting, exciting, must-need-to-know-what’s-going-on-right-now scenes. Look for the first tomorrow! In the meantime, I shall stare at this WIP until something reveals itself to me.

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